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Wholesale Realty, LLC is a full-service real estate brokerage specializing in finding quality residential wholesale properties and making them available to investors like you. We are experts in our field and we work hard to find the right property, in the right neighborhood, to fit any and all of your needs.

In addition to finding the best properties that our cities have to offer, we also provide support for anything that may come up along the way. We specialize in helping as much or as little as needed. Learn more about us.

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Locating quality wholesale real estate can be the largest barrier to success for individual real estate investors. Wholesale Realty provides exceptional wholesale investment opportunities to investors — without membership fees or dues. Leverage your time and efficiency as an investor by utilizing our staff and services.

Wholesale Realty will provide consultation and access to a network of knowledgeable contractors to help renovate and add value to your investment. Rehab and renovations, done properly, allow for large increases in value.

Wholesale Realty can help locate and obtain the best possible financing for your business plan. Our extensive relationships with industry professionals and lending institutions are available to all of our clients.

Whether your goal is to refinance and build a rental portfolio, or list the home for sale, Wholesale Realty can provide market exposure and expertise to help make the most of your investment opportunity. We will analyze and weigh all of your options to help you formulate the best exit strategy for your business.


  • “As an investor, what I appreciate most is their transparency and ability to quantify all opportunities which are presented to me. I can know with true confidence that a property presented to me comes along with factual numbers, and not inflated speculation.”

    -Joey Stant

  • “Wholesale Realty provided a great service to our home flipping enterprise. We were able to rely on their expertise and honesty in determining a good property to remodel and sell. The purchase price was fair and the closing was quick and painless.”

    -John & Kathy McNulty

  • “We decided to go with Duval Home Buyers and I am so thrilled we did.  Our house had fallen into disrepair over the last several years and I really dreaded having to go through the process of selling it.  But Duval Home Buyers could not have made it easier.  They gave us a very fair price, were very accommodating, kind and professional.  I highly recommend them!”

    -Kathryn B

  • “My transaction was processed in weeks, not months and you kept me well informed of the process. Over the years I learned that selling a house can be very expensive and stressful. The fact that I did not have to make repairs to the property, and your over-the-top customer service made all the difference for me.”

    -Norma G. Scott