Fire Damaged Investor Special in Jacksonville Westside

Need to sell your house fast?
We pay cash.

Selling a house can be stressful, but it shouldn't have to be. With our direct sale programs you can sell quickly for cash, all with the support of a local licensed real estate brokerage.


Sell stress-free while saving time and money

Our direct sales program with Duval Home Buyers cuts out the unnecessary obstacles to make selling easier and faster than ever, all with the security of a licensed agent.

Customized Offer

Your selling situation is unique. Your offer should be too. Your buyer will customize your offer to fit your exact needs.

Professional Support

Your dedicated home buyer is a licensed agent and you'll get their professional support around the clock.

No Fees

We never charge fees or commissions. Skip costly repairs and cleaning too. We'll even pay your closing costs.

Wholesale Realty Agents Buying for Duval Home Buyers Offer Cash for Houses

More than 4000 sellers helped

We’ve been buying homes in the Jacksonville area for more than 15 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands of homeowners and investors sell unwanted properties. We know that it’s important to work with a local buyer who is committed to guiding you through your sales journey. That’s why we ensure that every one of our buyers is a licensed Wholesale Realty agent, with the skills and experience needed to ensure your cash sale is smooth and seamless. Join more than 4,000 happy sellers and see why it’s a better way to sell your home.


There's never been a better way to sell

Explore personalized cash selling options for a licensed real estate agent and pick the one that fits your needs.
Selling Direct with a Wholesale Agent

The fastest, easiest way to sell your house in Jacksonville. Sell stress-free for cash without listing.

  • No Fees. No Commissions. When you sell your house directly with Wholesale Realty and Duval Home Buyers you won't pay any commissions or fees of any kind.
  • Skip the cleaning & repairs. No showings, no repairs. You don't even need to clean. Our offers are as-is. Take what you want. We'll handle the rest.
  • Any situation. We buy homes in any situation. Probate, short sale, divorce, bad tenants, damage, structural issues, we don't care. Our expert team will help ensure that no matter the condition or situation, we get it closed.
  • Close in as little as seven days. You can get paid in as little as seven days, giving you the cash you need for the next step in your home journey.
Listing the traditional way with another brokerage

The traditional way to sell a house. List, clean, stage, negotiate, re-negotiate, repair, and hope to close

  • No Fees. No Commissions. The average real estate commission in Florida is 6%. When combined with other closing costs and fees to sell, it can quickly add up into the thousands.
  • Skip the cleaning & repairs. Professional photos, staging, updating, repairs, and deep cleaning are the norm. If you want to attract a good buyer, you'll have to put in the work.
  • Any situation. Unlike our cash offer program, most house buyers need to finance their purchase with a lender. Lenders have strict restrictions on what and how they lend.
  • Close in as little as seven days. Traditional closings take 30-45 days from the time of contract to close, and in some cases may take months to even find a buyer.

Let us help make everything easier

Sell for cash on your terms. No fees. No commissions. Licensed real estate agents. It's everything you need to take control of your home sale.