Signs That a House Has ‘Good Bones’

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If you’re looking to buy a house, you want one with good bones. ‘Good bones’ means it has all the pieces in place to be a long-lasting, healthy home that won’t cause you any serious problems or need any major …

“U.S. Housing – A Good Investment” – Tim Worstall of Seeking Alpha

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“U.S. housing prices are rising nicely, stock is in short supply, the homeownership rate is rising – looks good as an investment.” writes Tim Worstall in an article for Seeking Alpha. See the full story below:

“Housing prices rise in Jacksonville” – News4Jax

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“The median price of a home in the River cost about $187,000. That’s a 10.1% appreciation over one year and a 61.8% appreciation over five years. Jacksonville just made the top 10 list of United States cities with the most home price growth in …

“Landlords listen up: Find the best rental returns here”- CNBC

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Great article on the rising rental rates and opportunities for rental property owners! “An increasingly competitive homebuying market bodes well for the single-family rental market relative to both demand and rental rate increases,” said Wally Charnoff, CEO of RentRange Data …