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5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Increase Your Property Value

By Matt Lee – Innovative Building Materials

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Often the most used room in a home, the kitchen is where a family will laugh, drink, and eat together, forming wonderful memories. Thus, when it comes time to purchasing a home, homebuyers will look directly to the kitchen, making it a lucrative choice for investing in a remodel. Just a few tweaks can truly increase property value, and we’ve outlined our favorites below! 

Craft the Perfect Decorative Backsplash

The kitchen’s backsplash, or the wall area behind the stove or cabinets, is an often-overlooked space. When designed correctly, the backsplash can add character and aesthetic value to the space. This is the place to play with color or texture or add wall accents without cluttering the rest of the space. Popular options include wood, tile, tin, or mirror. If going for a more modern look, tin and reflective materials add to that look. A wood backsplash will add a wonderfully rustic look. 

Rethink Kitchen Lighting

While natural light is, of course, preferable, the right light fixtures and under cabinet lighting can be installed strategically to add the illusion of more natural light to the space. Lighting accents will serve a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one; lighting can target desired accents of the kitchen while also illuminating the designated food prep areas, making the chef’s life easier. Designers recommend sorting kitchen lighting into three categories: general, task lighting, and accent lighting. The task lighting serves a strategical purpose for the chef, while accent lighting sets the mood of the space. This can take form in dimmer switches, under cabinet lighting, or adding crown molding and accent lighting together. 

Upgrade Countertops

The countertops, when remodeled effectively, will add value to the space by serving as the eye-catching stage of the kitchen. Upgrading countertops and sinks is regarded as a maximum home value project since they set the tone for the entire kitchen. Granite and acrylic solid surfaces are the most popular options, but quartz and marble are also popular options, although they can be somewhat more expensive. Quartz countertops are particularly popular, since they give the look of natural stone without the large cost. While quartz countertop cost can vary, the material is incredibly design-friendly and low maintenance, making it a great choice when it comes time to upgrade the look and feel of a kitchen with durable countertops. 

Update Appliances

Outdated appliances can make even the most beautiful kitchen feel less appealing. A kitchen remodel is the perfect time to update your appliances and perhaps switch them out to a style that is a better fit for the rest of your home. If the workflow of the kitchen feels somewhat cluttered at times, a remodel is also a great time to reinstall the work triangle, or an accurate amount of space between major appliances to optimize kitchen flow and efficiency. No matter what style is best suited for your home, upgrading white appliances to stainless steel will undoubtedly increase your home’s value. 

Repaint Cabinets

Purchasing new cabinets happens to be the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel, however repainting them is much less expensive and produces a similar result. Repainting cabinets can give the kitchen an entirely new vibe without bringing hefty installation and purchase costs. Adding a semi gloss finish to the new paint coat instantly makes it look like you dished out thousands for new cabinets. 

Whether looking to sell in the near future or you just want to increase your home’s value, the kitchen is the best place to start. As the space is a top-selling point for many homebuyers, the investment taken in any of these remodeling trends will prove to be worth it in the long run. 

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.